iOS Boot Camp: The Video

iOS Boot Camp: The Video

Josh Brown

There are 65 frameworks in the iOS SDK. If you could get through one per week, it'd take you 15 months to learn them all. Is it seriously going to be over a year before you can start writing your own app?

You have an idea for an app, and you can't wait to start building it. But there are dozens of iOS frameworks, and you don't know which ones you need to build your app. You ask around for advice on getting started, and everyone tells you to "just dive in and build something." Right. If it's that easy, why do you feel like you're drowning in a sea of frameworks?

Searching for how to learn iOS development on Google gets you 30 million results – and most of them are garbage. Picking through to find the resource that's best for you could take months. Will you ever get to build your app?

What if you could start building your app tomorrow?

What if you had someone to help you navigate the sea of frameworks so you know what you need to learn – and what you can safely ignore? You'd be confident with Foundation and UIKit – the only frameworks you need to build your first app. You'd know where to go to learn new frameworks so you can build more complex apps with maps, location, the camera, and more. And the dream of turning your app idea into something incredible could finally come true.

You don't have to spend months or years learning all the frameworks in iOS just to start writing your app.

Learn exactly what you need to build your first iOS app – without drowning in frameworks

After working through the video of the iOS Boot Camp, you'll be able to launch Xcode and start building your own app the next day.

In this video, you'll learn:

  • why you should plan your app before you ever open Xcode
  • how to choose the right navigation style for your app
  • how to avoid the massive view controller problem most iOS developers face – by implementing the MVVM pattern
  • how to lay out the views for your app using Storyboards

And you'll have experience with:

  • laying out table views, text, and images on views in a Storyboard
  • putting views in their place (on various screen sizes) using Auto Layout
  • building an app with Foundation and UIKit, the two essential frameworks you'll need to build your own app
  • writing networking code that pulls JSON from a REST API
  • parsing JSON and displaying the data in a table view
  • writing code that responds to the user's taps and swipes
  • building a navigation-based app complete with transitions and back buttons

You'll walk away with a master-detail app that lists the top books and movies from iTunes. You'll feel confident when you open Xcode to start a new project or update an existing one, knowing exactly where to go and what to do to bring your ideas to life. And you'll have the confidence you need to use Swift, Foundation, and UIKit to build an amazing app.

This product is not currently for sale.

You'll get the 5 hour, 39 minute video and the slides as a PDF.